Housing Electronic Plan Submission System (HePlan)

Concise introduction to the system

HePlan is an Electronic Submission System which allows the applicants to make electronic submissions or enquiries to ICU for HA's new development works and alterations and additions works at HA buildings which are not BO applicable as shown in the List of Housing Estates/ Courts/ Facilities under building control by the ICU and ICU can reply electronically to the applicants through the system. The system will also provide authentication features to identify the login user and help to eliminate the need of physical signing by the applicants on the drawings, reports and documents etc. for ICU submissions.

Requirement for user registration

Building professionals who are involved in HA’s construction projects can register as a HePlan user to access the system. User is protected by two-factor authentication, which requires user to login with his own username and password as well as to present a personal or organisational e-Cert of his own. To register as a user of our system, applicant must:

  • be AP/RSE/RGE/AS of Contractor registered in Buildings Department
  • obtain a personal or organisational e-Cert.

The AP/RSE/RGE/AS of Contractor can then assign their representatives as users of the system. Their representative must also obtain a personal or organisational e-Cert.

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