Professional Training and Examination Refund Scheme (Aviation)


To incentivise those interested to join or already working in the aviation sector to attend course(s) and sit for examinations(s) that are being offered by various education institutions, professional or trade bodies to raise their professionalism and competency, the Government has launched the Professional Training and Examination Refund Scheme under MATF to support the manpower training of the maritime and aviation industries. Each successful applicant will be refunded 80% of their fees, subject to a maximum of HK$18,000 (whichever is less) for the pre-approved course/examination.

For Students


The scheme for aviation sector has been updated on 1 September 2020. Apart from in-service practitioners in the aviation sector, those about to join the aviation industry are eligible to make an application for the courses/examinations taken on or after 1 September 2020.

Application shall be made by individuals. Application from company/organisation will not be accepted. For each application,

  1. the applicant must be :
    1. a resident of the HKSAR and lawfully employable in Hong Kong; and
    2. in full-time employment in the aviation sector with an organisation/company in Hong Kong at the time of application;
  2. the applicant has enrolled in or taken one of the pre-approved courses or examinations, and has completed the course to the satisfaction of the course provider or passed the examination; and
  3. the applicant has not been granted any other forms of government subsidy or financial assistance for the relevant pre-approved course/examination.

Application Procedures

Applicants should complete and submit the (i) application form and (ii) copies of the required documents by post to the MATF, Transport and Housing Bureau at 20/F, East Wing, Central Government Offices, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Hong Kong, within four months after completing the course / passing the examination. Late application will not be accepted.

List of approved aviation-related courses/examinations
Application form for aviation sector

For Course Providers/ Examination Authorities

Course providers / examination authorities are required to submit applications to MATF for including the courses/examinations in the ProTERS. The approved courses/ examinations will be included to the list and upload to the MATF website. Interested parties may complete the application form with copy of required documents and send to Please make reference to the explanatory note to the assessment criteria when preparing the applications.

Should there be any change(s) to the information in the list of approved aviation-related courses/examinations, please be duly reminded to inform us by e-mail in advance. Otherwise, the processing time for reimbursing the fee to students may be affected.

Application form for aviation-related course provider/ examination authorities
Explanatory Notes to the Assessment Criteria

Hotline: 3509 7261