Transitional Housing Projects with Advance Work Activated

Transitional Housing Project at Ngau Tam Mei South (Chun Shin Road), Yuen Long

Location and Environment


Project NameNgau Tam Mei South (Chun Shin Road), Yuen Long
Operating OrganisationNew Territories Association of Societies (Community Services) Foundation
LocationChun Shin Road, Ngau Tam Mei, Yuen Long
No. of Units and HouseholdsEstimated at about 1,208 units and approximately 2,772 residents (Consultation with stakeholders is underway.)
Project Data
  • Newly-built project
  • Preliminary plan includes construction of 6 nos. four-storey domestic blocks, 2 nos. two-storey amenity blocks and 1 no. sewage treatment facility
Provisions Each unit will be equipped with a toilet and a cooking area.
Funding Scheme Funding Scheme to Support Transitional Housing Projects by Non-government Organisations
(A grant of $682.52 million has been approved.)
Estimated Date of Commencement of Works Q4 2022
Estimated Date of Completion Q4 2023
Operation Period Planned to operate for not less than 5 years


1. The operating organisation may from time to time update or change the information of the project, including the eligibility criteria for application, rent level and related services. For latest information of the project, please visit the project website or contact the operating organisation.

2. All map coordinates are indicative only and do not reflect the exact locations.

3. The projects are at different development stages, namely:
(i) local consultation has commenced with the project details to be confirmed;
(ii) procurement process for the consultancy team has commenced; and
(iii) procurement process for the works contract has commenced.