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Membership of Transport Advisory Committee

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Terms of Reference

The Transport Advisory Committee (“TAC”) advises the Chief Executive-in-Council on transport matters in accordance with the following principles -

  1. The TAC's function is to advise the Chief Executive-in-Council on broad issues of transport policy with a view to improving the movement of both people and freight.

  2. On any matter within its terms of reference, the TAC is free to communicate with members of the public and with any organization.

  3. The TAC may consider financial matters where they directly relate to transport, but the responsibility for proposing public expenditure and taxation lies solely with the administration.

  4. The Secretary for Transport and Housing will provide a secretariat for the TAC and will be responsible for administration in connection with it.

  5. The TAC will be free to form sub-committees, to participate in joint-committees with other bodies, and to co-opt members for specific purposes. It may organize its work in whatever manner it considers most suitable.

The Chief Secretary for Administration may, after consultation with the TAC and the Chief Executive-in-Council, amend the terms of reference from time to time.


Membership of TAC (as at 1 October 2020)

Chairman :   Prof. CHEUNG Yan-leung, Stephen, SBS, JP
Members :   Mr. CHAN Cho-sing, Joel
Dr. CHENG Shing-fung, MH, JP
Ms. CHEUNG Wing-han, Ivy
Mr. CHOW Hugh
Ir. Dr. FOK Wai-tung, Wilton
Mr. LAM Chi-yuen, Nelson, JP
Dr. NG Lai-ping, Angela
Ir. SHEN Shuk-ching, Susanna
Mr. SOO Kwok-leung, Gary
Mr. TAM Wai-shun, Wilson
Mr. TONG Chun-wai, Hugh
Ms. WAN Lai-sze, Iris
Ms. WONG Wai-man, Rosana
Miss YIM Chor-pik, Rabi
Mr. YU Wai-yip, Ricky
Permanent Secretary for Transport and Housing (Transport) or her representative
Commissioner for Transport
Commissioner of Police or his representative


Meeting Arrangements

The TAC meets every month, usually in the afternoon on weekdays. Sub-committees under the TAC and working groups established on a need basis convene separate meetings respectively.


Transport Complaints Unit

    The Transport Complaints Unit (“TCU”) handles complaints and suggestions on all transport and traffic matters. There are two sections: Complaints Section and Research and Statistics Section. The Complaints Section follows up complaints on a regional basis, namely Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. The Research and Statistics Section analyses complaints statistics, conducts research and monitors public opinion on various aspects of the local transport system.

    The TCU can be reached by:

Hotlines: (852) 2889-9999
(Voice mail service after office hours)
Fax: (852) 2577-1858


Membership of Transport Complaints Unit Sub-committee

Ir. SHEN Shuk-ching, Susanna (Chairperson)
Ir. Dr. FOK Wai-tung, Wilton
Ms. WONG Wai-man, Rosana
Miss YIM Chor-pik, Rabi