The Long Term Housing Strategy

The Government announced the new Long Term Housing Strategy (LTHS) on 16 December 2014, which is the first long term strategic document in housing since 1998. LTHS has set out the following three strategic directions in order to gradually avert the current supply-demand imbalance :
  1. to build more public rental housing units and to ensure the rational use of existing resources;
  2. to provide more subsidised sale flats, expand the forms of subsidised home ownership and facilitate the market circulation of existing stock; and
  3. to stabilise the residential property market through steady land supply and timely demand-side management measures, and to promote good sales and tenancy practices for private residential properties.

Long Term Housing Strategy  PDF Format

Implementation progress :

Long Term Housing Strategy Annual Progress Report 2015  PDF Format

Long Term Housing Strategy Implementation Milestones as at December 2014  PDF Format

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LTHS Consultation Document

The Long Term Housing Strategy Steering Committee (the Steering Committee) published a consultation document entitled “Building Consensus, Building Homes” and invited public’s views on LTHS from 3 September 2013 to 2 December 2013.

Long Term Housing Strategy Consultation Document  PDF Format

LTHS Report on Public Consultation

On 17 February 2014, the Steering Committee released the Report on Public Consultation on the Long Term Housing Strategy which summarises the views collected during the public consultation and the Steering Committee’s final views on several prominent issues which are of particular concern to the public.

Long Term Housing Strategy Report on Public Consultation  PDF Format

bullet   Compendium - Volume 1  PDF Format

bullet   Compendium - Volume 2  PDF Format

bullet   Compendium - Volume 3  PDF Format

bullet   Compendium - Volume 4  PDF Format

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